The new "environmental protection law" has been draconian.
Date: 2015-01-22 11:58:03Pageviews: 1703

With the accelerating process of industrialization, a series of environmental damage problems related to industrial production have been derived. Stone industry, as a traditional manufacturing industry, has always been a "contributor" to environmental pollution. The environmental problems caused by stone products make people feel more pressure in their lives, such as noise pollution, dust pollution and water pollution caused by stone cutting. This also forces the stone enterprises to face the pressure of comprehensive rectification and upgrading in production.

The new "environmental protection law" has been promulgated to standardize the market environment of stone materials.

In January 1, 2015, the new environmental protection law, which has been revised for nearly two years, came into effect. The new Environmental Protection Law adds a new system of "punishment on a daily basis", i.e. daily and continuous fines for persistent environmental violations. This means that the longer the violation takes, the more fines will be imposed on traditional manufacturing enterprises, such as stone, for illegal discharge, excessive discharge, evading detection and so on.

In the face of the implementation of the "new environmental protection law", in the old dilemma of legal accountability, shortage of funds, technical bottlenecks and so on, some entrepreneurs admitted that the new law made them "more pressure mountain". However, environmental protection reform, green production for many enterprises is the general trend, whether consumer demand, or the implementation of relevant laws and regulations, are the key transformation of stone enterprises must complete.

New law to promote rectification, transformation is imperative

The new environmental protection law puts forward higher requirements for the whole household building materials industry, and for the stone industry, this will also promote its longer-term development. According to the Environmental Protection Law, the key words such as "punishment according to the day", "seizure, detention" and "production restriction and stop production" have become the key words that the furniture manufacturing industry needs to wait for. If an enterprise fails to discharge pollutants within a day and does not correct it, there will be no upper limit on the relevant penalties. The law also gives law enforcement departments the right to seize and detain seriously polluted enterprises. If the circumstances are serious, it will also restrict the personal freedom of enterprise leaders. This set of "combination boxing" makes "polluted enterprises" who want to rely on handing in the tickets have nowhere to escape.

For many stone enterprises, before the new laws and regulations, the state punished the illegal enterprises too lightly, and the cost of illegal enterprises was low. As a result, many stone enterprises would rather take the risk of illegal production and pay the price for illegal production. The illegal cost is too low, and the cost of obeying the law is too high. The implementation of the new environmental protection law will subvert the old concept of illegal low-cost production, and huge fines will force household enterprises to change production mode, from extensive production mode to intensive production mode.


Facing the promulgation of the strictest environmental protection law in history, the market environment of the stone industry will also usher in a more standardized situation. But for enterprises, this will be a bigger challenge. Especially in the stone industry for water pollution is particularly serious, some enterprises unlawfully discharge, seriously affecting the safety of drinking water, heavy metal discharge of multi-aquatic ecosystem is a serious disaster. Whether it can stabilize the market after the relevant standards and regulations, or stone companies need to intensify their efforts.