Service capacity

Service advantages:

1. we have a professional engineering specialist who can meet the customers' stores or counters.

2. We have professional designers who can meet the different requirements of different customers and make professional decoration design according to their needs.

3. We have professional Showcase production machines, a huge number of technicians and production teams, a professional production line;

4. we have professional logistics and distribution which has been working together to ensure punctual arrival.

5. we have professional installation team to meet the installation requirements of customers nationwide.

6. We have a professional after-sales service department, the first time to answer customer's after-sales problems, to solve all customer's after-sales installation problems.

Service process:

Customers choose our products according to their personal needs the products they need to communicate with our business department the design department designs the drawings according to the customer's requirements. The drawings are confirmed by the customer's signature the quotation Commissioner issues the contract according to the customer's confirmation drawings the customer confirms the return of the contract and remittances the company confirms the receipt of the payment after the next single birth. Production product production after completion of the customer acceptance notice customer acceptance of the product protective packaging and delivery of the product to the customer designated location customer designated personnel installation or entrust the company to install installation process or installation after problems with the company after-sales consultation to resolve follow-up company after-sales service department will be uncertain When the phone calls to visit the product.