Development history
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development history

(1) in 2004: at the beginning of 2004, Fuxing furniture factory, which was mainly decorated with shopping malls and shops, was established.

(2) 2006: From its establishment in 2004 to 2006, Fuxing Furniture Factory has developed rapidly. The offices, workshops and dormitories of the factory have been expanding, and more and more customers and shopping malls are facing.

(3) 2007: After three years of continuous efforts, "Fuxing Furniture Factory" achieved a leap in change, formally renamed "South China Sea Zone Zhuowei Commercial Props" Company office, workshop, dormitory, dining hall to achieve integration, the company began to standardize management.

(4) 2008: constantly improve business philosophy and management methods, commercial props design and production to a higher level. In addition to facing the domestic business, customer's business props extend to foreign countries.

(5) 2010: As the company's commercial props have reached a mature stage, the production level has basically reached a higher level, so the domestic and foreign business volume gradually increased.

(6) 2011: In view of the increase in domestic and foreign business, the company set up a branch in Wuxi, "Wuxi Weisheng Furniture Co., Ltd." - mainly for the East China region props production.

(7) 2012: In mid-2012, after discussion and research, the company formally developed its business into a main production line, customized furniture, in addition to commercial props. Diversify the company's business.

(8) 2013: At the end of 2013, after market research and analysis, the company formally established a network promotion and marketing department, responsible for brand promotion work, and officially received orders at home and abroad on the network.

(9) 2014: In the middle of 2014, through the continuous development of "South China Sea Zone Zhuo Wei Commercial Props" and "Wuxi Weisheng Furniture Co., Ltd." business growth, and with the improvement of electronic production of furniture industry, the company realizes enterprise management. Therefore, "Zhongshan Guanzhen Furniture Co., Ltd." was formally established, and Zhongshan workshop and Wuxi Weisheng furniture for unified management.