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Talent recruitment

HR director 1.

Wages and salaries:

Face to face


(1) professional training in human resource management, labor regulations and management capability development;

(2) Familiar with the contract management, salary system, employment mechanism, insurance and welfare of the country, region and enterprise

Laws and regulations concerning encounters and training;

(3) Systematic understanding and practical experience accumulation of human resource management model and human resource strategy

Planning, talent discovery and introduction, salary design, performance appraisal, post training, welfare treatment, and system.

It has rich practical experience in degree building, organization and personnel adjustment, and staff career design.

(4) skilled handling of human resources management affairs, familiar with personnel work process;

(5) strong writing skills and familiar with document writing standards;

(6) Strong organizational, coordination, communication skills and good sense of service, teamwork and cooperation

Strong learning ability, strong executive ability and strong resistance to stress.

(7) be familiar with basic computer operation, and be proficient in using Word, Excel and other office software.

(8) have administrative work experience;

2 technicians.

Salary: face to face

Requirements: At least 2 years of work in the exhibition industry, with technical structure calculation experience, familiar with CAD software drawing, men and women are not limited.

CAD 2 Draftsman

Salary: face to face

Requirements: familiar with drawing software CAD and 3DMAX. Under the age of 40, men and women are not limited, education: college, area: no limit, health without bad habits.

Front desk clerk: 1.

Salary: face to face

Requirements: good image quality, height above 160, proficiency in office software.

Customer service clerk 1.

Salary: face to face

Requirements: good image quality, height above 160, proficiency in office software. Call back customers regularly according to customer information to establish the company's brand image and assist the manager in handling other work matters.

Contact: Lee supervisor 1893339 90090760-89818989-202

Address: No. 12, Industrial Road South, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan (Longshan Industrial Park)

Above job:

1) bags, board and lodging,

2) enjoy hydropower subsidies.

3) insurance coverage

4) enjoy the Spring Festival paid vacation for more than 10 days.

5) enjoy a certain number of years to enjoy the Spring Festival Spring Festival travel expenses reimbursement.