Service Centre

Scope of business:

1. the production and installation of shop props.

2. shop design.

3. brand store image system SIS planning and design.

Design team:

I only do one thing in my life.

Life, for a white paper that can be thought, to show the unique creative soul;

Life, to a blueprint that can be realized, increasing the energy of endless growth;

For a lifetime, for a heart that can think, and look for brilliant inspiration.

Life, to make the greatest potential of mind, design free space.

Borrow wisdom from masters, activate the cells of art, and give birth to immortality.

To focus on energy, bathing the world of dreams, scribbling dreams come true;

Dedication is the greatest respect for yourself and others.

Technical advantage

Construction team:

The company has a professional construction team to meet the installation requirements of the national customers.

After-sale service:

1. customers confirm the order and start to pay attention to the order after production.

2. first acceptance of products after completion of production.

3. problems in the installation process of the showcase.

4. After the counter is installed, interview or call the customer, and return the customer's satisfaction after installation.

5. the use of customer satisfaction is investigated after a period of time.