Development trend of furniture design industry in 2015
Date: 2015-03-30 11:59:53Pageviews: 1944


 Furniture design needs to improve the understanding of consumers, in the design or sales of this issue, "design first" and "pay for the design" relationship is inseparable. At present, the main reason why Chinese original design has not been brilliant is that consumers are not willing to pay for it, so in order to develop original design needs to change the concept of consumers.

According to Yubo Intelligence Market Research Center, the furniture industry has entered a period of development, both domestic and international markets have achieved a certain degree of development. Many enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, East China, Southwest China, Northeast China, Beijing and Tianjin are expanding their factories and recruiting troops and horses, showing a strong momentum of development.

A certain industry predicts that: in the next five to 10 years, the furniture industry will present a diversified development pattern; the connotation of furniture products is more abundant, the degree of furniture brand agglomeration is further improved, and the regional characteristics are increasingly prominent; export trade is growing rapidly, and the process of internationalization is obviously accelerated. Statistics from the China Forestry Industry Federation show that China's furniture industry is growing at an average annual rate of 25% in the past 10 years. At present, China's furniture production and output value has jumped the number one in the world. In the future, the development space of customized furniture is still very large.

The original design level needs to be strengthened urgently, which has become the consensus of the industry. And how to reverse the current status of the industry, first of all, we must improve the level and accomplishment of furniture designers. Industry pointed out that furniture designers need to open up, not for original and original, learning methods and broadening the horizon is the first lesson designers.

At present, most domestic furniture designers are led by the market nose, copying foreign designs, a serious lack of self-innovation ability. Furniture designers need to take the initiative to understand the status of China's home market and find out the demands of consumers.

Secondly, the government, enterprises and the media need to support the original design to provide a good communication platform and development environment for the original design. Original design needs not only design but also participation of enterprises and society. Because if we want to make the original design into a product and realize the real industrialization, we need the support of science and technology, technology, capital and other aspects.

A room is incomplete if it doesn't have the necessary furniture. Furniture becomes an indispensable part of a home. It's important to choose the right furniture according to the needs of the home and who lives in it. So when you buy furniture, you should also pay attention to the function of the furniture.

Compared with the past, consumers' demand for furniture has changed a lot. From the forecasting report of the development prospects of China furniture industry, we know that people used to judge the quality of furniture mainly based on its comfort. Now, furniture has become something designed by professional designers to match people's residence.

Start miniaturization

Large or giant furniture is no longer popular and the market is no longer in demand. Now people want furniture to fit into smaller spaces. In order to make more effective use of space, streamlined furniture will be more needed.

More and more green

Today, furniture production process must take into account the environmental requirements. Increasingly aware of the effects of deforestation and toxic substances, people began to manufacture furniture in other ways to reduce environmental damage. The use of resources will be more efficient, less waste and more recycled materials.


People hope that furniture can have multiple uses, which has become a popular trend, and this demand is increasing at a faster rate, because multi-functional furniture can better use space.

Technology driven design

Furniture design also keeps an eye on the latest technological trends (such as augmented reality and 3D printing introduced before furniture fans), and customers are no longer required to compromise.

Retro element popularity

The popularity of retro furniture is actually the result of several factors. They are associated with memories and full of nostalgia. Similarly, retro furniture is also the need of people who like green furniture, because their natural properties of non-toxic substances are safer to use, and become a choice of many customers.

The above is the development trend of furniture that people want most. Like clothes, furniture always has a new trend. People will want their furniture to be unique and fashionable. In conclusion, following the trend of these letters will make you feel like a duck to water.