Closet industry homogenization intensified need to break through
Date: 2015-07-30 11:58:57Pageviews: 1945

In 2014, the overall economic environment in China was low, and the wardrobe industry was not well developed, and the market competition became increasingly fierce. In a depressed environment, wardrobe enterprises compete in marketing, trying to break through in the fierce competition. With the development of the industry, the wardrobe enterprise marketing means emerge one after another, but also derived from the bad phenomenon of homogeneous competition, wardrobe enterprises only keep up with the pace of the times, according to their own advantages in order to achieve real victory.

The wardrobe industry has developed into a relatively mature mode so far, and the market competition is also becoming saturated. However, with the development of the industry, the phenomenon of homogeneity is becoming more and more serious, whether it is product design, promotional activities, publicity and promotion, or exhibition marketing, many wardrobe enterprises are unavoidable to follow suspicion of imitation, industry competition environment is getting worse.

The phenomenon of homogeneity has already taken shape. If we want to develop in the environment of different marketing means, we must surmount the surprise and break through the difference competition in sales promotion, brand publicity and product design.

Differentiated Promotion: In the wardrobe industry, promotional activities have emerged over the years, but how to make promotions become "alternative" to attract attention to the need for ingenious design. On November 15, 2014, Sunniman hosted the 2nd Wardrobe Carnival, and 300 cities across the country joined forces at the same time. Official data showed that the rate of on-site signing was over 100%. Shiniman's first wardrobe Carnival had more than 6,000 orders a day, while this year's orders exceeded 8,000, and the daily terminal sales even exceeded 100 million yuan.

Differentiated publicity: There are many companies that invite red stars as image spokespersons: Sophia invites Shu Qi as image spokesperson, Fan Bingbing signing a contract to build a "top solid model", Wei Yi joins Li Bingbing to launch a marketing campaign, Shang Pin Home Matching and Zhou Xun to launch a brand-new strategy.... The alliance of red stars can really help. Consumers remember the brand, resulting in a certain marketing promotion effect, but when most enterprises take this path, but failed to form their own personality. Among the wardrobe brands endorsed by All-Star stars, Hollywood went its own way, inviting Paul Andrew, the chief designer of the National Theatre, as an image spokesman. As a foreign designer, Paul is obviously less well known than other domestic stars, but his professional, high-end, international image has greatly improved the image of Hollywood products. The brand status is also a new interpretation of its original design spiritual connotation; and the cooperation between Wrigley and the famous international pianist Lang Lang also endowed the brand with noble and elegant temperament, forming a distinction with other brands.

Differentiated design: no matter how eye-catching the external form, for the enterprise, the most fundamental or product quality, otherwise it is a step by step. While homogenization products are becoming more and more popular, the original design of enterprises is precious. Deville continued to increase R&D investment in products in 2014, focusing on the "Jane Europe" sub-category, has launched a number of new wardrobes, cloakrooms, bookcases, wine cabinets, TV cabinets and dozens of new models of door removal, and in March Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition high-profile first global to high environmental protection California CARB certification P2 "wooden board"; Kataya has always regarded innovation as the belief of the enterprise. Every year, it launches 2-3 batches of new products. Kataya has a special department. It first applies new design concepts and fashion elements to the product development. In 2014, Kataya launched a design of arc-shaped plate partition cabinet and applied for a national patent. The arc panel technology is the only one in the industry.

In the era of intensified competition, wardrobe enterprises must keep pace with the times, seize the eyes of consumers, carry out differential marketing, in order to surprisingly win. Differentiated marketing should be different from other enterprises, and become a "heterogeneous" in the eyes of consumers, and cause concern. Of course, such a "difference" must be the advantage of enterprises. Wardrobe enterprises in the implementation of differentiated marketing, we must fully consider their own resources, to form their own personality for their brand to create bright spots, and such a "bright spot" must take consumer intentions and needs as the premise and purpose.