Furniture needs to be cautious. Three new standards will be released.
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  In the past, apart from environmental monitoring and material testing, there has not been a "stubborn" test standard for furniture. In the past consumer complaints, such as the collapse of the wardr...



In the past, apart from environmental monitoring and material testing, there has not been a "stubborn" test standard for furniture. In the past consumer complaints, such as the collapse of the wardrobe, chairs and stools broken legs and so on. In fact, furniture is not solid, can carry multiple objects, no matter what kind of material used in production, must be tested with general mechanical technical standards. From May 2014, the new National Standard of Furniture Mechanics Performance Test will be formally implemented, which covers the strength, durability and stability of furniture such as tables, chairs and stools, cabinets and single beds. In the past, consumers could not verify whether the furniture was solid. After the implementation of the new national standard, consumers could check the experimental data of mechanical properties of furniture.

The area of air purification should be clear.

Because of the aggravation of fog and haze problem, the sale of air purifier products was once heated. In the market, various types of gimmicks of air purifiers occupy consumers' view. It is understood that before the national standards only "electrical safety standards" and "anti-bacterial standards" are mandatory, and "purification performance standards" is recommended, which makes people wonder: these products are really as high purifying performance as the merchants said? In the first year of 2014, the National Standards Committee announced that it had started the revision of the existing national standard GB / T18801-2008 for air purifiers. The new standard improves the technical specifications of products for different pollutants, refines the test methods, and increases the applicable area and air cleanliness conversion methods, which will provide a basis for consumers to choose and purchase related products.

The amount of lead released from faucets is the most stringent in history.

In 2013, the shadow of faucet lead exceeded consumers. Just entering 2014, the tap lead exposure has not stopped, but continued to increase, even a line of international brands have not escaped. In order to ensure the quality of home decoration, consumers pay high prices to buy high-grade faucets are not up to standard, which makes many consumers very disappointed. Recently, according to the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection, the newly revised national standard for faucet industry, Ceramic Waterproof Nozzle, has made a clear limit on the amount of heavy metal precipitation from faucets. At present, the standard is seeking the opinions of relevant ministries and commissions, and the National Standardization Management Committee will issue and implement it as soon as possible. . The greatest change of the new standard is that the heavy metal content of the nozzle is included in the compulsory detection range, and the detection of more than ten heavy metals, such as antimony, arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, selenium, thallium and so on, is also included in the national standard. As for the much-concerned lead element, sources said that the new national standard stipulates that the amount of lead released from taps is 5g/L. This standard can be called "the most stringent standard in history".

Brand furniture statement

Insisting on reducing pollution from the source of production

"Our raw materials are made of pure solid wood, and the workshop adopts the German heroic assembly line, which can be called a"dust-free workshop". In the workshop, sawdust, dust and so on are transported directly from the pipeline to the dump. Therefore, the top 100 even have no dust and no smell in the production workshop. The person in charge of Hongxing Central Road Store, a well-known top 100 Beijing-style furniture company, told the Yangtze Evening News that in the production process of furniture, Top 100 minimized pollution, such as the use of fewer nails on splicing, using traditional tenon and mortise structure. Glue imported from Japan is very environmentally friendly Ike glue, cold mix glue, paint from Italy, water-soluble paint, etc., therefore, in fact, wood furniture testing formaldehyde content is zero.

Blogman Wardrobe, which is positioned as "high-end customized wardrobe", has been in the forefront of the industry in terms of environmental protection, including panel furniture and solid wood furniture. "Furniture's environmental protection mainly depends on the quality of furniture's main materials and auxiliary materials. According to formaldehyde emission, home decoration boards can be divided into three grades: E2, E1 and E0. The emission of formaldehyde in E0 is the lowest. At present, the national standard is E1, which belongs to qualified plate. Bokman adopts the international top environmental protection standard E0. The emission of formaldehyde can be neglected. In the process, Berkman cabinet adopts the technology of "four sides sealing edge" to minimize formaldehyde emission. Berkman wardrobe Red Star Central Road shop official told reporters.

Home sales promise

Products sold are unqualified and unconditionally returned.

As a traditional home shopping giant, the Red Star McLean, attaches great importance to environmental protection issues. Yangtze Evening News reporter learned that Red Star Mei Kailong earnestly fulfilled the merchant access qualification examination system, and entrusted the state authority inspection agencies, regular sampling inspection of goods in shopping malls, to ensure that goods meet national environmental standards. At the same time, consumers are promised to return and exchange goods unconditionally if the sold goods are detected to be unqualified by a third-party organization with appraised qualifications.

Since 2012, Red Star Mercury and China Quality Certification Center (CQC) have jointly launched the "Green Leading Brand" project. Among the 12,000 household brands, 78 household brands were selected as the leading green products recommended by Red Star Makaron through the testing of factory source products, the brand evaluation of industry experts, and the evaluation of environmental quality testing data and customer complaint data of household products in Red Star Makaron Mall. Cards. Not long ago, Red Star Makailong specially licensed these leading green brands and escorted consumers to buy green health products.

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