Technology house to build high-end residential solar energy
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  Decorated with solar panels, it can not only lead a low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, but also create its own unique fashion "high-end residential". Recently, Huang Yihui, who lives in S...



Decorated with solar panels, it can not only lead a low-carbon and environmentally friendly life, but also create its own unique fashion "high-end residential". Recently, Huang Yihui, who lives in Shunde, Foshan, has made a small solar power station on his roof after months of exploration. Since then, the fish pond, wine cabinet, refrigerator, air conditioner and other electrical appliances in this "high-end residential" can use "free" electricity, Huang Yihui said, whenever he thinks of this it makes him extremely comfortable.

Roof mounted solar panels technology to build high-end residential buildings

Huang first came into contact with the solar panel in Germany. "It's a changeable building material, some on the roof of the building, some on the glass wall of the building, some on the roof of the sunshine house; it looks simple, beautiful and technological." Huang Yihui, who had an unusual passion for technology, came up with the idea of putting it in his own house. After inquiring about these changeable building materials installed on the building surface, the scientific name is "photovoltaic modules".

After a period of understanding and exploration, Huang Yihui installed 12 photovoltaic panels on his roof, and through communication and declaration with grid companies, completed the grid-connected process of distributed photovoltaic power generation system. Huang Yihui told reporters that the area of about 20 square meters of photovoltaic power generation board, daytime power generation can meet the needs of all household appliances, and the city seamlessly with electricity.

Huang Yihui was very satisfied with the feeling that the upgraded house was instantly upgraded to "high-end residential". "Every day when I see the sunshine, I can imagine that the refrigerator, the wine cabinet and the fish pond that need electricity at home will be in the state of'free'." After the upgrade of his house, Huang Hui also succeeded in upgrading into a tech trendsetter in his circle of friends. Many professional problems such as technology, energy saving, photovoltaic and so on will come to him for consultation, which makes him feel superior.

Lack of financial support to popularize domestic PV industry

It is understood that photovoltaic power generation system is the use of solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electricity generation system. It is characterized by high reliability, long service life, no pollution to the environment, independent power generation and grid-connected operation. It is favored by enterprises and organizations of various countries and has broad prospects for development.

In Huang Yihui's Guangdong province, the annual total solar radiation is 3758.8 MJ & bull; m-2 ~ 5273 MJ & bull; m-2, with abundant solar energy resources, which makes his investment in photovoltaic a rewarding "business".

But in fact, solar power generation is still not popular in both enterprise production and personal use. Huang Kaile, general manager of Guangdong Shunde One-Light-Year Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "One-Light-Year") which specializes in promoting photovoltaic and environmental protection industries, pointed out in an interview with reporters that the current enterprises do not understand the photovoltaic industry, financial, capital, policy and other reasons such as incompatibility restrict the popularization of the photovoltaic industry in China. However, senior personages in the ceramic industry believe that the difficulty for ceramic enterprises to enter photovoltaic households is mainly due to high initial investment costs, and no capital to enter.

Photovoltaic industry to boost energy saving and emission reduction industry need textual research

A few years ago, many household building materials enterprises will be troubled by the summer "staggered peak power" policy, in the industry after many years of development, energy saving and consumption reduction has become the biggest problem for enterprise development.

Miao Bin, Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics, pointed out that "the future industry development is facing the problem of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction related to the rise and fall of enterprises and industries." President Ye Xiangyang also pointed out that the traditional building ceramic sanitary ware industry is a resource-and energy-dependent industry. Therefore, the whole industry must actively respond to the new situation of environmental protection and energy conservation, vigorously promote independent innovation of technological equipment and product improvement, and provide reliable and effective workers for the scientific and cyclic development of building ceramic industry. Technology, equipment and product protection.

So, as the most natural and pollution-free photovoltaic power generation can help enterprises to further energy saving? In this regard, many industry insiders do not hold too much hope, "first of all, the price is too high, in today's market environment, it is difficult for enterprises to spend tens of millions of dollars to invest in the construction of photovoltaic systems, on the other hand, is the return of income and other issues to meet the needs of enterprises." But one Guangnian Huang Kaile believes that photovoltaic industry can absolutely help household building materials and other industries to save energy, "photovoltaic system as a branch of energy-saving industry, for enterprises with long-term planning, can meet their needs." Huang Kaile also said that one light year can also solve the problem of investment in photovoltaic system by means of capital operation, and promote the popularization of photovoltaic industry in the industry.

In fact, the photovoltaic industry seems to be bright and bright in recent years. Today, with the increasingly stringent national requirements for energy conservation and consumption reduction, the photovoltaic industry has finally waited for a number of policy support. It is understood that Minhua Holdings has invested in 10.8 MWp photovoltaic power generation system in its plant, which is expected to be completed in August this year, and several ceramic enterprises such as Zhuhai, Zhaoqing have also declared to invest in photovoltaic system.

As more and more individuals and businesses like Huang Yihui have learned more about the photovoltaic industry in the past two years, their actions in the photovoltaic industry have become more frequent. Whether this can help the PV industry to spread as soon as possible, I am afraid it will take time to research.


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